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The name Logos Consulting is derived from ther greek term λόγος, which means "word" or "meaning".

This choice of name is related to my consulting philosophy. My work is based on the question for meaning -"why?". All other things, structures, architecture, technology are based on the purpose of corporate IT. 


Our Services
IT Strategy

Which goals do you want to achieve with your corporate IT?

Enterprise Architecture

How must your corporate IT be structured to be able to achieve your strategic goals efficiently?

Culture and IT transformation

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast". But what does this mean for IT?


How can modern technology be utilized to generate maximum business benefits?

IT Governance

Who decides on IT-related issues? Which rules guide decision-making in IT?

IT Security and Compliance

How to comply with the steadily growing number of regulations? How to keep security-related risks under control?

Relevant experience

Completely new IT governance after an enterprise repositioning and reorganization 

as Head Architecture & CoS, SIX, Zürich

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